Colchester Pride: BOIDYKKA.

10 February at 20:00

Ends at 23:00

BOIDYKKA is a club-lite social for lesbian, trans+ and non-binary people.
Colchester Pride are pleased to announce the inaugural BOIDYKKA event. Inspired by Colchester’s ancient queen, Boudicca, BOIDYKKA seeks to offer a space for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are less typically catered to by the local night-life scene and to foster an environment in which all lesbian, trans+ and non-binary people might, in the spirit of our eponymous BOIDYKKA, find strength, empowerment and a greater sense of community.
Colchester Pride offer this event free of charge but do request that prospective attendees book in advance to help ensure numbers and maintain the safety and security of this space and event. The venue and Colchester Pride committee commit to keeping the presence of cis-male people, in terms of security, staffing and committee event supervision, to an absolute minimum whenever and wherever possible to help facilitate this. If you do not belong to these groups, please respect the need for this space by not registering a slot for attendance.
Colchester Pride strives to provide a range of spaces and events for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. Please check our Instagram (@colchester.pride) for more information on upcoming events.
Should you have any questions about this event or its nature, please get in touch with the Colchester Pride team at commitee@colchesterpride.com.
Please note: This event takes place on the top floor of Three Wise Monkeys on Colchester High Street.

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