Lou Terry/Cannonball Statman/D.M. Rice

24 October at 19:00

Ends at 23:00

Cannonball Statman has penned over 100 songs, released over a dozen albums, and toured extensively in America, Europe, and Asia, sharing stages with like-minded artists such as Jeffrey Lewis, Days N’ Daze, and Sunflower Bean. He began making his own music at age 8, needing to channel the trauma of growing up in post-9/11 NYC, and cut his teeth on underground scenes of that era. He is known for his soulful lyrics that Radio Javali calls “great American storytelling”.
Following his 2017-’19 world tour, when LiveTrigger Magazine dubbed him “the king of modern antifolk”, he released the double album Miracle on Neon Clown Avenue in 2022, and did multiple European tours in preparation for the release of Hard to Break in 2023. Each of his albums has its own sound, drawing comparisons to folk, classical, punk, pop, and metal, and all feature his unique guitar style described by Bob’s Aural Delights as “the edge of madness”, a sense of melancholy and fun, and references to his hometown of NYC.
“For starters, Cannonball Statman (who made it in our latest Best of NYC Poll for Emerging Artists) has got the look – with an over-sized afro of curly red hair and a commanding stage presence. The music delivers the acoustic punk attack of antifolk by way of black metal; it’s not unusual for a typical 5-minute song to run the BPM gamut and contain several distinct sections. Lyrically, he embraces smorgasbord surrealism, but the songs always resonate and the audience is never distanced from the youthful anxieties and aspiration that fuel his fervor.”
-The Deli Magazine
“…Statman charmed the entire greenhouse. Every now and then he jumped off the stage to make a U-turn after a few chords. The New Yorker also took over the Palmarium with his chatter in between, announcing his songs about the things of life. That’s how we learned that Grow is about hair, and Tiger is about a tiger. But he also brought a song that is “a love song and a murder song at the same time” (I’m Gonna Explode), or a song about longevity that becomes exuberant. It was quite fun to enjoy the man’s songs and honesty.”
Lou Terry is a South London-based musician, genre-mangler, and software builder. This wonky new project sees the Radio 2-tipped artist fusing strange technology with timeless songwriting.
“Described as a genre-mangling singer-songwriter, UK-based Lou Terry is not to be pigeon-holed. A sense of the slightly mad is woven into his music, but the eclectic sound is something inimitable and overwhelmingly grand. Whether it is with his band or as a solo artist, 27-year-old Terry captures audiences wherever he goes; in fact, he once won the heart of punk poet John Cooper Clarke entrancing Clarke to the point where he missed his train home. Along with the 1970s legendary poet, Lou Terry turned heads across the globe receiving coverage from various media (including Line of Best Fit, BBC Radio 2, New York Radio and The Daily Gazette) and performing at notable festivals like The Great Escape. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Yellow Top’.”
-The Other Side Reviews
“Lou Terry’s latest four track offering is quintessential bedroom pop for the modern alt-rock enjoyer. It is warm, rustic and grungy, but electronic texture tastefully sprinkled throughout brings a modern sheen to this YouTube-suggestion-core extended play. Terry’s style seems to sit somewhere between Jeff Rosenstock’s anguished punk-pop anthems and the spider web silk folk of Elliot Smith. At both ends of the spectrum we find awkward passion, authentic desperation, and power juxtaposed with frailty.”
-Hard of Hearing
D.M. Rice is a multi-disciplinary artist (writer, musician, actor, performance artist, painter, etc…) and events organiser. In 2023 they have released four albums, Parables of John `the Baptist, More Acoustic Songs, Songs of D`M Rice, and Pilgrim Songs, which run the gamut from jangly folk to experimental electronica. It has been a big year for D.M., releasing their first print book, Moby Pussy, performing in their first stage-play (a retelling of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream), and performing music and poetry in London and Brighton, where they are now based. After cutting their teeth in the Colchester scene, this is something of a homecoming show, and an accumulation of the time spent developing their raw, almost frantic style of performance.

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